Innovative Sweets

Extra-Sour candy liquid spray! Spray onto tongue for a wild taste experience! Choose from Cola, Strawberry and Lemon flavour!

Ice Tea without the hassle of making ice, or tea!

5000 years of wisdom in just one spray! Remember: Every journey begins with a single squirt!

The perfect gift for that friend/partner/family member who has a habit of hitting the bottle hard. Say it the subtle way!

Rough Night? Feel like Death on a bad day? Bring yourself back to the land of the living with ’After Death Energy Spray’, fortified with herbal extracts and vitamin C.

Extra-Sour fruit candy liquid spray! Spray onto tongue for a wild taste experience! Packaged in fruit-shaped vials according to flavour: Blueberry, Green Apple, Strawberry.

Paintbrush-shaped lollipop with fruit-flavoured powder in a paint-pot! Available in three fruit flavours.

Soursweet sugar syrup pours like blood from toy skeleton’s eyes! Comes in a range of fruit flavours.

Liquid bubblegum in a toothpaste tube – available in three fruit flavours!

It’s the greatest thing you never realised you wanted until now: JAM – in a PEN! Love someone who loves cake? Say it with jam! Jammify your cakes, biscuits, and culinary creations with a range of delicious flavours and fun colours.

Pizza tastes good, candy tastes good …but what about a PIZZA MADE OF CANDY? Not just a fantasy – our candy pizza comes boxed just like a real pizza, and topped with a full mix of your favourite candies.

All your favourite fruity treats/All in one fantastic feast/Candy and Marshmallow shapes/With a tutti-frutti taste!